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Wi-Fi Advertising in large networks and shopping malls

One of Tim Berners Group's new projects is a free Wi-Fi network in public areas, the largest open Wi-Fi network in Ukraine. The volume of the project for 2019 covers 2,000 locations with an audience of 6 million unique visitors per month. As of September 1, 2018, the Wi-Fi network has already been launched in 205 branches of the TM Novaya Pochta of Kiev and the Kiev region and the Lavina shopping center, with a total of 900,000 unique visitors a month.


Система AvtozakladkA разработана для поиска угнанных автомобилей и других ценных объектов. После приобретения GPS маяка скачайте приложение AvtozakladkA на свой смартфон или планшет.


Наборами для новорожденных "Кроха", Доктор Комаровский постарался дать ответ на чуть ли не самый популярный вопрос при общении с зрителями и читателями - "А что бы вы нам посоветовали?". Мы долго отбирали, выбирали и тестировали, неоднократно убеждались в том, что собранное - действительно необходимо каждой семье, что содержимое набора качественное, надежное и удобное в эксплуатации. Удачного применения и будьте здоровы.


Taking aim at a large addressable market protecting smartphones and PCs against hackers and data loss. We offer compelling, fully-featured malware protection that is competitively priced and designed for efficient use of memory, bandwidth and processor. This combination of well-designed software and innovative commercial approach creates a faster route to more markets, with lower customer acquisition costs than the competition.


Jetex is an IT equipment supplier that suggests technology solutions for global mobility, we optimize and improve the competitiveness of our clients' businesses.

We are a supplier with a diversified and exclusive product portfolio so we can offer our clients a wide range of IT equipment and integrated solutions for projects of any complexity.

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